Sunday, April 30, 2006

When Cruising Through The Archives...

I found this at Penny Arcade. Funny.

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Lotso GG
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Ok, ABC family is probably about to wind back to an earlier season, but Kathy found seasons 1-5 on the cheap at Target.

All that fast talking. Soooo good. I blame Dawn Roscoe.

A Tight End? Really?

So it souinds like the Packers may pick a TE with their first pick (at 5). This clown ran a 4.38 at the combine (Tony G ran a 4.8), weighs 245, has a 10-6 broadjump (that is a lot of broads...Tony G's is 9'6") and his verticle is 10 inches higher than Tony's.

While I can't imagine not drafting a defender (A.J. Hawk anyone?), their offense wasn't great either...Hmmm. Maybe they should just dump the pick for more picks.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Back At The Clubhouse

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1-1 with 2 walks for me today. Not bad for my first game in two years...though I wish it was a doubleheader league. Very strange to have a cooler of beer on the bench there after not being allowed to even have it in the parking lot in Virginia Beach. SO weired I didn't have any even though it was warm enough out for it to look pretty good.

It was a strange homecoming...the team is the Nadz, the same team that I played on last time I was at Boeing...although a very different cast of characters (only about 4 of the guys that I used to play with). Sadly, next week will probably mark my return to the pitching mound.

But it was nice to go home the clubhouse and carry the B around on my shoulders for a few minutes of victory pose.

Yeah! What This Guy Said!!!

Link passed on by my lovely wife who has heard me bitch about how stupid quidditch is any number of times. I'm not sure she agrees with me but this guy does. And he is British! (ok, I don't know what that last part meant)

Somebody Get Me a Towel

Hey, a camera
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The B drools. A lot. And we didn't even have Everybody Loves Raymond on in the background! She looks like a Brave after trying to hit Benny's 2 strike duece (and when you speak of him, speak well).

Benny looked GOOD again today. 9Ks over 6 innings (although he did give up his first walk of the year). I predict it here! A Brewers pitcher will throw a no-no sometime this year. Did I mention that the crew just completed their first ever sweep of the Braves?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bumped For Cuteness

Hello, Mr. Seal!
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Looking For Suggestions

So...uh...we need to get birthday presents for my (gonna be) 14 year old nephew and neice. The are bright kids and play a bunch of sports (hoops for her, volleyball for him).

The two things I'm thinking of are maybe a good basketball for her and a good volleyball for him, or maybe taking the two of them out to dinner with Kathy and I at some cool restaruant. We could actually sit and talk to them for a couple of hours and it'd be pretty fun. Being and experiences over things kinda guy, I'd lean towards the second if forced to choose. That being said, I'm open to suggestions.

Also of note: The Brewers have won a series for the first time since the opening week of the season (and Benny will go for the sweep tomorrow afternoon...he had no-hit stuff the last time out and had some bad luck...lets hope he is that sharp again).

Monday, April 24, 2006


I made the mistake of leaving the TV just run in the background while I was whooping up on Big Time on Auto Assault. Everybody Loves Raymond came on. I think I've started bleeding from the ears. And then I started listening for 3 minutes.

I'm hopping to hav recverad by Wensday. kKep me in ur thots.


The Cell
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Stephen King has ended the world (again). I find that the SK books that I enjoy the most, generally he ends the world. The exception being 'Salem's Lot. Cause I like vampires.

Best roleplaying game I ever played in was back in high school with Brian Chemres, Ed Stemilhowski (and if you have a mental picture of what a Stemilhowski should look like, Ed would not disappoint...hell of a nice guy though), Brian Radaj, and my buddy Sean. The game was CHILL. I miss that game dearly. It was ended by Brian joining the military I think...

Anyways...been a while since I picked up a new book...well, I tried Good Omens, but gosh...bog city. I hope SK does right by me...I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about how the Dark Tower turned out, so I'm curious about this one.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Miller Time
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A lot of baseball games have been played over the years, so it is kinda cool when your team can break or even just tie a single game record. The Brewers tied a cool one yesterday by hitting five (5) home runs in a single inning. Of course, if they coulda spared one or two of them for Benny the night before, that probably would have been ok.

I'm looking forward to catching a little bit of the game today (well, in a bout 12 hours) as it is a home Sunday game, meaning that the'll be wearing the retro jerseys (bring on the ball in the glove logo!!!). Sweet!

Cold now downgraded to the hacking occasional remnants of a cough. Baby doing much better, wifey seeming to (I hope she gets a good night's sleep).

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Monty Python and My Dad

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I think my mom must have been terrified on the drive down to Chicago to see the show. Talking with my brother at lunch today, apparently he and my mom used to watch Flying Circuscuscus episodes together, but what possessed her to buy 4 tickets for the show in Chicago I don't know.

She tried to get my Dad to watch The Holy Grail as kind of a test dice...didn't get it, wasn't interested.

But for whatever reason, he had a blast at the play. My brother was naming all the classic bits from Holy Grail to him, and my dad was actually countering with other parts. Blows my friggen mind...there is just no place in my head for discussing the Black Knight or the a cow being launched in a catapult with my Dad.

In other news, the cold persists, the Reds beat the Brewers 3-1. The first run was a guy that struck out (but Moeller countn't hold the nasty Sheets curve), stole 2nd, went to 3rd on a ground out, and scored on a sac fly. BAH! The second run was even dumber. He doubled, but was still on second with 2 outs when he came around to score on an INFIELD FUCKING SINGLE. The Reds games are always Always ALWAYS strange and frustrating.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Some Notes

Lewis Black
, not
Louis Black

Day 12 of the Cold that Ate Sheboygan seems imminent. But is getting a little better.

Day 2 of the B's first cold (that I fricken' gave her) makes me unbelievably sad.

I told you the Cincy games are weird. 2-0 Cincy, 6-2 Brewers, 12-6 Cincy...The Brewers managed to bring the tying run to the plate after all that...but didn't get it done.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


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Just trying to maintain some Mo :)

7 2/3 innings pitched, only 2 runs given up...Brewers salvage a game for a 3-6 road trip againt (arguably) the top 3 teams in the NL. But Sheets had a good first start in NY and Prince started hitting, so maybe they can build against Cincy this weekend (though those games are always weird...Cincy has a damn strange team).

Brigid did about 45 minutes of tummy time during the game. Good that she is finally chilling a little bit while on her tummy.

And my cold enters day 11. Fuck. But I only have 1 sick day left after burning a bunch when the B was born, so I have to go in or else what if I REALLY get sick (like throwing up instead of just sinus misery).

And in this rambling post, I will point out (the memory probably fueled by the Fbomb in the last paragraph) that Louis Black is fucking funny (he is currently in the CD player in my car...we have to get more of his CDs off of ebay or something). All of you left wing nutjobs I used to work with would love him.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

So how did Kathy post about this and I didn't?

Brewer game team pic
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I guess because I don't have many words for what a great weekend we had (even though it apparently granted me this 10 days so far cold).

Of all the sports I love (and those who know me realize there are many), nothing tops Brewer baseball...unless it is Badger hockey. Both remind me of days and nights with my dad. Lots of trips to the Brewer Pepsi fanclub games with my dad growing up (I think it was 5 general admission tickets a year, which my dad would always upgrade to lower grandstand). And friday and saturday nights driving through the crisp Wisconsin winter to Madison for Badger hockey.

With my dad being from Minnesota (Wisconsin's biggest rival), we'd always trade barbs when they got together. I remember being about 12 and being up in Minnesota for some wedding or whatever, and my Dad getting me into old Mariucci arena to see Wisconsin and Minnesota play (just a sigle ticket). I got there early in the second period with Wisconsin down by a goal, and they did the rarest of things that night and came back on the Gophs for a win. Ok, rambling now...the point is that my dad's godson from Minnesota and I still trade emails about college puck, so it was even better that Scott came down for the Frozen Four (and we got to sit by him all weekend). I beleive he described watching Wisconsin win the championship in an arena with 17,000 screaming Wisconsin fans as a fair preview of hell.

So Wisconsin wins national championship in puck (I've been there for 2 of the 6! We flew out to detriot in 90 to see the last one!), Brewers win the game we were at (on a 35 degree night...thank god for the roof on Miller Park), and the B sees her grandparents.

In case you are wondering, the B made it to the 7th inning before she started laboring. A fair early season start. We'll try to build up her pitch count as the season goes on.

Monday, April 17, 2006

This Exersaucer Ain't Big Enough For The Both of Us

Hello, Mr. Seal!
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Well OK, maybe it is. But the B had one solid staredown with the seal before she pitch forward in an apparent attempt to consume the seal whole.

As my cold drags into day 9, I just swallowed instead of coughing...on Kathy's advice...I think she just doesn't want me to wake the B.

Which means that I'm going to miss the ride tomorrow in perfect weather. Bah. Kathy had a good suggestion that I ride the trainer while watching ABC family's daily serving of Gilmore Girls...such good writing. But I can hardly wait for them to wrap back around to the first season...oh my gosh, so much goodness that I have never seen!

Gooey Butter Cake...ever heard of it? I was telling my brother's family that it must be a St. Louis thing (along with pork steaks, concretes, provel cheese (not provelone), toasted ravioli, and that thing that Kathy, she's going to kill me). The middle must just be straight butter with some confectionary sugar mixed in.

We have the duty for Sunday dinner this week. Which is backwards, as we know what we are going to make the next time we have dessert duty (we switch off with my brother's fam each Sunday night). Any suggestions? We've made calzones already...I might just go with some sort of taco/burrito/nacho/taco salad bar.


For momentum...symbolized in some communities as a small plastic shoe (but you would have to be a Super huge Stephen King fan to know that).

Ever feel like you need to do something to get your feet moving?

I feel pretty stalled here lately (in some ways, it might be this stupid cold talking, but I think the cold is just the last nail in the coffin).

Of course, it is pretty easy with the B around to focus so much on her that other things stop (blogging, biking, DDR, reading, working on my weight via fitday).

Maybe the spring will be the time to get things moving! Here is hoping.

And now to handle some business, as I got some email notifications about comments on my blog, but haven't chased them down.

1. Salso Blanco is best consumed with restarant quality tortilla chips.

2. I can't believe the Brewers had the bases loaded with nobody out TWICE in the first 3 innings today and got no runs out of it.

3. There is no thing 3.

4. There will be no verification on my blog!

5. WTF Joe, blogger has shut you down. Made me sad, as you usually have something to say. Less Azeroth, more thinking. Which could be something I am going to take to heart.

6. Does Brads blog still exist? Does Brad still exist?

Friday, April 14, 2006


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I went to the new Busch stadium yesterday. 11 innings! And the game involved my two favorite things in baseball...the Brewers winning and the Cardinals losing.

Actually, it looked like the cards were gonna win in the bottom of the 10th when the Cards 15 million dollar signing who is hitting a buck eighty hit a ball that cleared the left field wall by two feet...but El Caballo made an unbelievable catch (they ain't paying him to be spiderman).

Then, after making another nice running catch (and clattering into the wall) to end the inning, he led off the 11th by demonstrating how to properly hit one over that wall in left.

And I got to see Turnbow save a game for the second time in a week. Good stuff.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

One down.....

161 to go! Always good to be in first after the first game of the season.