Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gimme Your Top 5

TCG cards! Now, this list can be done from a ton of different points of view. I'm looking for "most fun/interesting" that just kind of make you smile when they are played, no matter who played it.

My list:

5. The Cave Troll - LotR
That guy rocks...perfectly caught what that beast was in the movie.

4. Hunt Down and Destroy the Jedi - SWCCG
I just love the names, espeically the payoff of "Their Fire Has Gone Out of the Universe"...I still don't know how we made that fit on the title line.

3. Madness of the Bard - Vampire
Rhyming is fun
Now I have to run

2. Ass Wuppin' Lynch Mob - Rage
Best Card Title Ever.

1. Rain of Walrus - On the Edge
"A fortunately rare weather phenomenon."
Best Lore Ever.

Honorable mention goes to the card from On the Edge that made you draw a moustache on the Mona Lisa before you could legally play it, and to "Head Shot" from Highlander...the perfect implementation of an alternate victory condition.


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