Sunday, February 25, 2007

5 Favorite Villains

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I know who my favorite movie villian is. It probably would have been Darth before, but knowing who the guy under the mask is now, I have a very hard time taking him seriously.

5. The Terminator

4. Mr. Smith in The Matrix

3. The Predator

2. The Alien Queen

1. Hans Gruber

Who are your faves?

Friday, February 23, 2007

Game Design Question...

What if...

Inserts had been face up, turned sideways, and not shuffled it, but had come with instructions on how far down they should be sunk when played. Whould they still have been a bad idea?

And for you CK, I told the story of the Worlds we officiated today. The things I remember:

1. It was operative time.

2. I caught the 2nd place guy cheating in the final, and even though I wasn't allowed to intercede (thank you, CW!), I still actually saved the final from being won by a cheat by pointing out that Matt could count his opponent's differential to verify it...and I remember the look of "I don't get it" on his face when the total he got differed significantly (and by enough that it would have swung the match) than what MR (that cheating fuck) reported.

3. Didn't someone have an infinite loop deck there?

4. MAN, did I mess me up some Jedi testing rulings.

Anything else you remember about that weekend CK?

Just a Little Sad

Tonight was the series finale of The O.C. Admittedly, I'm an unbelievable sucker for shows like this. Couldn't tell you why.

And as bad as the show was last year (and it was horrible...the St. Louis T.V. critic attributed it to the mistake of actually asking Misha Barton to act), this year it bounced back pretty well and made me smile a few times. I'll miss it.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It Was Again Empty Seat Night...

At the blues game
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But we had a good time. Brigid made it through 2 2/3 periods of her first hockey game.

Girlfriend got her first taste of cotten candy (after 10 minutes when she finally believed it was food and not carpet fluff).

The Blues had an overtime victory (which we heard in the car on the way back home...we left with 8 minutes left).

Overall, a great night.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back on the Wagon

Ok, this is a test shot really. This picture is so cute (to me!!!) that I'm hoping to leverage it into posting some more again. Wish me luck (or lack there of if I tend to bore you).

Lets start with this. An update on my TV watching:


They moved The F Word! That sucks, but it looks like a little mini marathon is coming up one of these days on The Beeb (did I use that right Kathy?).

Rome is currently on, and really seems to be the case these days, I look forward to this HBO show more than just about anything else on TV. Shame the seasons are so short and infrequent.


If 24 is on, I guess I'll watch it most of the time (but am perfectly content to play Civ IV in the background while it is on).

Studio 60...I didn't really realize it until Kathy pointed it out today, but it really seems to be loosing steam. Bah, shame really. She had some good guesses about why...basically becoming a soap opera, and the characters that I like (the performers on the show) getting almost no material these days.


Gilmore Girls. I do like the fast talking. The season has been ok, though the less Christopher, the better, but fortunately it seems to be moving in that direction...he is

Veronica Mars. Really seems to fall into the same category with 24...fine background noise.


Happy to have Lost back. I seem to be one of the few that could have stuck with Jack, Kate, Sawyer and the others longer. Oh well, I do like the way the guy from the hatch uses "brother"....reminds me of how my best friend from High School used to talk.


I love me some Earl and Office. Nothing too spectacular this season, but I've enjoyed 'em.

The O.C. has been MUCH better this year. Reminded me of the first season. That being said, it is probably fine that this week is the series finale. Kind of out of story lines. I really thought they should have killed Ryan Atwood off, like they were trying to play it as last week... would have been great closure.


College Hockey and EPL kind of sum it up.