Thursday, August 24, 2006

Standing Tall

Standing Tall
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295.5 - 1452 - 0

Been a little sick and tired this week. I think I've been staying up too late (he says, typing at 11:50).

In the picture you see the B in the dress I picked out. I think Kathy let me blow a little more on a little dress for her than she normally would have gone for. Solid baby clothes shopper, that one (which is a great thing when the B grows out of it after about two wearings).

I can't believe how much she has changed in the last couple of weeks. She could hardly crawl two weeks ago, and now she is standing up against things and pulling herself up. Oh, and babbling. Babbling a lot.

Thanks for all the suggestions on the menu last week. Tonight I made some stuff green peppers (with some rice and salsa...quite tasty!) and a couple of shrimp egg rolls. We made both baked and fried. I don't mind the baked at all (better with some egg white over the top so they brown up in the oven).

That was my second try at egg rolls in the last couple of days (we did some for sunday dinner). I forgot just how damn much prep work asian cooking involves...on Sunday I had to summon my nephew over early to help wrap up the mini egg rolls (I bought wanton paper instead of egg rolls...doh!) or I would never have made it. He was a trooper.

I think my next try will be lettuce wraps, but I think I want to try to chase down some not iceburg options (bibb lettuce?) as I don't trust the iceburg to wrap correctly.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Just Checking In

295 - 1584 - 995

The first number is kinda going in the the right direction again...I firgured it would be. Indy hurt a little bit, but even there I wasn't too bad (didn't let Scott talk me into dessert at St. Elmos).

Thanks for the recipe suggestions...I'll be winding my way over there this weekend. Tried the stuffed green pepper idea tonight (it had been rattling around in my head). Could have been better, as it really needs a little bit of rice in there to soak up the juices from the veg (it was watery, as I only had onion, celery, and tomato inside, all of which give up some liquid).

Tomorrow should be fun, as we are going to the festival of the little hills....which has tons of craft booths, which I like, and tons of booths where the deep fry stuff on a stick (which I fear while on the diet!!!).

And finally, way to go Prince! Nice single to win in the 9th.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Screwy End To The Season

299.5 - 1367 - 931

What a funny way to end the softball season. We had a doubleheader due to makeup games, and needed to win one of the two to win the league.

In the first game, we were down by five going into the last inning, and scored 6 in the top of the inning. We got to two outs in the last inning and they had a couple of guys on when the batter hit a liner to left...if our LF had broken back, he probably catches it, but he hadn't had a ball hit like that to him all night, and it carried over his head to the wall. Oh well, game 2.

Here is where things get goofy. We were down by about 4 in the 4th, and the other team had runners on first and second with nobody out. Fuck. The batter grounds to short, and he flips to 3rd. The ump yells "Out 3"...which the batter thought meant "3 outs" and stops running to first. We throw the ball to first, forcing the batter. At that point, the guy who had been on first, who was now STANDING ON 2ND BASE, walks back towards their the first baseman tags him. I blink a few times and say "was that a triple play?"

Anyways, we had last ups, and were down by 2 coming to bat. I was sitting down outside the fence watching with my two favorite fans thinking I came up about 7th in the inning, so it would be over one way or the other before it got to me. We proceeded to score 2, make one out, and load the bases. Which of course brought things to me in my 2 for 16 super slump. I turned to Kathy and said "fuck, I guess it is me."

All I gotta do is get the ball to the outfield and we'll probably win on the tag. What do I do? Pop to the pitcher. The ump calls "infield fly rule, batters out." And then hilarity ensued. Our coach, who was on second (damn near where the pitcher catches the pop) for some reason had wandered off the base, just begging to get doubled off (forcing an extra inning if there was time, or leaving it tied...who knows if we would have still won the league). The pitcher flips to the second baseman who somehow muffs the throw. By this time, the guy who had been standing on third breaks for home and scores without a throw.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006


300 - 1447 - 0

As the diet continues, I've kind of settled in to a base for my dinners. They usually involve some combination of tomatos, green peppers, and onions. Maybe some celery, and that a little protein (beans or chicken). Lotsa fiber to feel full.

I'm starting to get a little bored of the combinations. Typically:

Chili (adds lots of seasoning to the base)
Fajitas (wrap the base in tortilas)
Spaghetti (pasta under the base)
Salad (the base over some lettuce)

I don't know...I grabbed a vegetarian sloppy joe recipe, so I guess I'll try that tomorrow night, but I'm definitely fishing for veggy ideas. The problem is finding things to combine with them that don't run the clories through the roof.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Book Sale

300 - 1496 - Possibly a run if I get off my ass

Kathy, the B, and I went to a booksale today. After years of looking, I picked up Asimov's Foundation Trilogy. I hope it lives up to all this time looking for it at bookstore.

By the way, who watched the Hell's Kitchen finale last night? 'bout time someone I wanted to actually won one of those reality shows.

Monday, August 14, 2006


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300.5 - 1201 - 373

Back from GenCon. I really had a great time seeing a long list of people. Had a lot of great talks with people too. Lots of fun. Thanks for everyone who hooked me up (or offered to...thanks Jason!).

Mark even hooked me up with a badge. Now I'm going to tell a funny story about that badge (at least, I hope Mark finds it funny).

I was having a cup of coffee at the 4bucks across the street, talking with a moustashed member of Sony Online, when a man came walking up to say hi to Scott. After they talked for a while, Scott introduced me to the new (president? head guy, in any case) of WizKids. He looked at my badge to get my name (which, of course, said WizKids). He didn't say anything about it, so maybe he didn't notice the company. Scott introduced me as someone who used to work at Decipher, so he might have made a connection. I'm betting he could care less in any case, but if he asks Mark, you know why...

I also got to see Airforce and confront her about causing me to spend untold hours watching Gilmore Girls.

Jim Colson did a drive by on me while I was demoing Stargate. Jim may be the nicest guy in the whole world.

I ate like a fat guy (it was a planned dietary excursion...if you look at the numbers today, I'm back on track and didn't back up too far). St. Elmo Stakehouse, Shepherds Pie at that Irish Bar outside, and lunch at Champions (and the first good club sandwich I've had since d'Egg in Norfolk).

Finally, I looked at and played a bunch of games. The most unexpected of the group was Pepper, a game designed by Matt Mariani of all people. He described it as "4 square with cards." For $5, I bought a copy. I always like talking to Matt, and wish my current softball team had him hitting cleanup.

Friday night we played my fresh copy of Power Grid with team Sony Online, and my traveling companions, Justin and Joe. Justin won by $1. I tell you so he won't have to. But I'm sure he will as well. Thanks to Evan for 'splainin' the rules (in his usual fine form). It really was great getting to do some gaming with Evan again.

Finally, funniest line of the weekend went to whomever described Jason R0binette as "the Flying Dutchman of the game hobby." I think Mark gets credit for that.

Second funniest line of the weekend went to one of the H1nes brothers telling Apollo from BSG at the signing table that he'd be right back with some cards to show him how to play. Well, actually, I'm not sure that was funny.

3rd funniest thing of the weekend was watching Justin try to order a glass of water, and the 30 second ordeal that ensued. Erika, you better have read this far.

But the best part of the weekend was getting home on Saturday night to give the B a kiss goodnight (/sappy father).

Couldn't Be Happier

300.5 - 2504 - 0

Ok, that is a lie...I could be happier if you guys were moving to St. Louis, but at least you'll be visiting on the way.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Peaceful Goodnight

300 - 1457 - 0

Need to go for a run tomorrow morning as I was obviously too lazy tonight.

Tonight the B went from wide awake to dead asleep in 3 seconds. Literally. I thought she was awake but it was bed time, so I took her up. She put her head on my arm, shook her head back and forth and "zzzzzzz." Pretty cool. I'd rather not have her have to go through all the cryin'.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Only...

299 - 1495 - 0

Truly nice guy on Sex In The City was Charlotte's eventual husband. Discuss.

Sex In The City on commercial TV sucks. Discuss.

By the way, did anyone see Bill Murry on American Chopper? Man, did he work the Tuttles.

And finally, Heather, my pick all along, is SO going to win Hell's Kitchen next week. If you haven't been watching Hell's Kitchen, you should have been (you donkey!).

Monday, August 07, 2006

All the Way

301.5 - 1433 - 299 (that number is must take more calories than that for me to drag my fat ass 1.5 miles up and over hills...but that is what fitday says).

Today was a milestone. For the first time in my life (including back in high school gym class) I ran a mile. No stopping, no walking. It wasn't fast, but I didn't stop once.

And as often happens when the break through comes, I actually went on to run about a mile and a half (after about 1/4 mile our street opens up onto a mile long loop). I hadn't made it more than 2/3 of a mile before.

And clearly, I still dispise running.

In other news, I spontaneously picked up the Civ 4 expansion this weekend and popped it in. And was pleasently surprised to find that the online multiplayer promised for so long finally fucking works. It only took them 15 years, but oh is it sweet. I only wish the defenders didn't have such an advantage...I'll have to learn how to press my luck on the attack.

I don't know how much time I'll have for it (but I'm pretty sure there is a save feature), but who wants to play the world with me?


I believe the alternate caption to this one is "oh, so that's what those are for.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


299.5 - 1871 - 261

Good episode of Deadwood tonight, but nothing special. Kind of waiting for everything to break, but when it does, it should be spectacular. I liked the inclusion of the Earp brothers...maybe Doc Holliday'll show.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Getting What I Deserve

298.5 (notice the first number?) - 1574 - 0

Ben can blame me for the karma that gave him "tight pecs" tonight, and a 1 inning start after making fun of Chris Carpenter last night.

Below 300. I'll probably creep back above it for a day or two due to water weight (which drops to minium after friday night soccer), but next time I go below it should stick...hopefully that will be the last time in my life that I step on a scale and see a 3 as the first fucking number.

Two memory fragments on 300 lbs.

1. When I was 10 or 12 years old and my dad was on the big diet and dropped below 300. I remember my mom getting a bunch of ballons. I wish he could have made it stick...I think his response to stress was to eat, and running his own business all those years was full of stress. I'm hoping that if this diet ends up where I'm hoping (hell, even if I get 1/2 way there) it will inspire him to get back on the train and drop some weight...not many people who are his weight and his age...

2. Telling my buddy Sean right after I got out of college that I was going to go touch 300 "just to see what it was like." Stupid. It sucks. The answer is that it sucks.

The manifestation of that suck was on the soccer field earlier this summer when I had a ball roll just in front of me at the top of the box where I could get a shot if I ran (hard) on to the ball. I did, and then when I went to stop, the rest of my body just kept going...too much momentum.

Friday, August 04, 2006

One Gone, One Left

The Prince and the Bull
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301 - 1391 - 1514

Sorry about that thumb Chris!

8 is a great number, 10 would be even better.

Ok, bye bye now.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Any suggestions for games for me to check out at GenCon? I should have a day or two on the floor. Any of you folks still working for game companies can post anonamously if you like :)

Fingers Crossed

Little 8 month old portrait
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302 - 1594 (boo) - 468

At this moment, Kathy and I are sitting here on tenterhooks hoping that her efforts today to get the B back on schedule are going to pay dividends.

She got out of whack last Saturday, and has been up to 11 (or later) all week (Kathy has been a trooper). So Kathy tried hard distract/keep her awake and get her back to one nap today...which she did! But we thought we kinda had it licked on Sunday, and she woke up about about 10 and stayed up for a couple we're listening to the monitor and hoping.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Things I Think I Know

302 - 1497 - 0 (it is really just too hot to be believed outside)

Never trust someone who quotes themself in their email sig (much less 5 times).

Similarly, if your email sig is longer than the body of your email, you probably want to reconsider.

I'm looking forward to early Saturday mornings watching EPL soccer with the B.

I am really looking forward to seeing the scale throw out a number that starts with 2.

I miss designing games.

Never buy a prepackaged salad at the cafeteria at 1 p.m.

I hate running (yet when it cools, I bet I'll be doing more, and recently thought about doing a run-bike-run biathalon in the future).

I'm curious, if fairly cynical, about what I'll find in Indy next week.

Geoff Jenkins, my favorite Brewer for years, should probably hang it up.

When you have a stretchy belt, it can lie. But the wedding ring never lies...and it is starting to slide around on my finger again a little bit...a good sign...hopefully I'll have to have it resized sometime early next year.

Hidden Costs

303.5 - 1438 - 0

Has anyone else noticed that (many?) internet information/news sources don't include pictures with their articles anymore? In the space that they used to post a picture relating to the article, they now include another ad.

In other news, has always launched little video/audio clips on their front page from the most recent game. It was was ok, when the page started yapping about Bill Hall or Prince Fielder after 5 or so seconds. Much more annoying is the fact that it has started launching audio/video adds after 5 seconds instead. I sent some feedback bitching about it...we'll see if I get a response.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


304 - 1436 - 0

Way too hot to go outside and change that zero into anything else, and I felt terrible the whole second half of the day...blech.