Friday, May 26, 2006

Not So Sleepy?

Eyes of the B
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I need to master the trick of sucking on my fingers to make myself go to sleep. Apparentlhy the B went from this picture to asleep in fairly short order with the help of the super fingers...I'm still up writing a blog post.

I officially a blog post once I dig up "the" baby picture. It is probably sitting in some box somewhere like the grail at the end of Raiders, so it is going to be some work to find.

Monday, May 22, 2006

My new all time favorite BAR NONE Picture

For whatever reason, the east coast exersaucer > midwest exersaucer.

Here is wishing Justin and Anna a great life kids deserve it. I'm happy you found each other, and very happy that Justin found someone to make him more managable on the pitch. We could always tell when Anna was out of town...likely to catch a lot more of Justin's tounge. Anyways, thanks for letting us share your day.

I miss Kathy and the B soo friggen much already.

It was good beyond words to see everyone this weekend. Thanks to everyone who made an effort to catch up with us on the whirlwind tour.

Thats all I got, sleepy now.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

So I Say...

Looks like Benny is out for another month.

And Kathy says "Would you like to go upstairs for a little while and cry with the B?"

To quote Wile E. Coyote, "....thpppt....thpppt....*poof*"

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

But At What Cost?!?

So the teams on the Apprentice last night had to help Walmart sell a Microsoft product.

I repeat myself. Help Walmart sell a Microsoft product.

Does it get any more evil empire than that? They may have won the challenge, but they are going straight to hell.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Boooo the Survivor

Of the final four, definitely the two least deserving make it to the vote. Kind of a shame after the run up to it. Terry killed by the curse of the car!

Off the Shnide

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Good to see the 'Crew actually score a couple of runs in the throwbacks. Also nice to see them light up Pedro and thereby take a series.

Bad to see Turnbow blow his first save of the season.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Bull and the Prince

The Prince and the Bull
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Alternate title: The MVP and Rookie of the Year.

Well, one of those is fairly likely, but the other could happen.

Hopefully Carlos was saying "You really hit the shit out of that one. Any ball that goes that far should have a stewardesss on it," and Prince replied with "Shut up and sign a contract extension."

The good news is that at least the started talking about it with Carlos.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Probst is a Bitch

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WTF. To be continued?!? NO ELIMINATION?!?

In the back of my head I've been trying to figure out how they were going to work in this extra episode of I know...a non-episode! And they didn't even try to justify it as a clip show (ok, that doesn't make any sense, but I'm babbling).

Kathy and I were SO hoping that Terry had given the idol to Dannielle. It would probably have been really stupid, but in retrospect, it would have worked.

One of the reasons that I keep watching this show is that I think that it has the best game design of all of these shows. They keep shaking things up just a bit year to year.

I wonder, though, if they realized just how powerful the idol mechanic was. It would be simple to assume that it was a one-time savior, and that it could be burned out one week, and that person voted out the next. But there was a rub. If it was revealed, instead of revoting, the person with the second most votes (likely a person in the majority voting block) would bet eliminated. So that idol would have pulled down the majority block in addition to protecting the holder.

Of course, we only really saw it tonight when the weren't willing to chance voting for Terry. Which is why he should have GIVEN THE IDOL TO DANI...oh well, maybe she can make some fire.


Is there anything you could care less about than me buying a minivan?

After I got home from work tonight, Kathy was hot to go take a test drive of the Honda mini. She had been reading the consumer reports stuff which said really nice things about the Honda, and really not too nice things about the Town and Country.

Well, I gotta say I really enjoyed the drive. And it has a sunroof standard (which is the only thing I would really miss if I give up my car)!

The B didn't like it though. She started screaming about 1/3 of the way through the test drive. Well, maybe she was just hungry and teething. Anyways, I think the Honda is going to win.

You don't care, do you? I can understand that...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The Curse of Teddy Higera strikes again.

At least they won in 10.

In other news, season finale to VM was Kathy said, a fair amount better than GG...though the GG season ender wasn't bad. I'm sad that the series creator apparently tried a power play (asking for a 2-3 year contract when the actors only want to do one more year) and the final year is going to be in someone else's hands, which seems lame.

Thing 4. Joined the health club at work today so I can start biking into work!!! Very excited about that. Probably start after the trip.

Thing E. Kathy finished painting the bathroom today, and it looks sweet!

Ok, sleepy now.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Town and Country vs. Odyssey, Fight!

So we're shoppin' for a vehicle. We've heard great things about the Honda Odyssey, but test drove a Town and Country. Is the Odyssey really thousands of bucks better?

Anybody who has driven either of these beasts of burden, feel free to comment.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Best Survivor?

Best Survivor?
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Well, I gotta admit that Survivor still shows up on our TV on Thursday nights, with all of the annoying people whining and moving on (as usual).

But the best part about this season has been watching Terry, who seems like a genuine stand up guy, basically run the table since the merge. He has won all of the individual immunity challenges +1 (having found the bonus immunity idol).

I don't know if he is physically the best survivor player the game has had, or if the clowns who are on the show with him are just the poorest excuse for adversaries the show has seen. Probably the truth is in the middle. Certainly he wasn't a good enough player to rescue his squad before the merge when they just kept loosing.

Now he is guaranteed the final 3. This would seem like the time when everyone would just HAVE to vote for him for absolutely schooling them, but he'll probably get killed by the bitterness vote.

Friday, May 05, 2006


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The best part of this picture is Greene's mask flying off. Prince Fielder (of the 260 lbs) hit him at full steam...soon the ball didn't stay.

There will be some good video of it here for a few days...worth a look.

Edit: Unless you're on a mac, and then (as Lewis Black would say) you're blughh fucked. Or at least my mac is.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Kathy Stole My Picture

Although, my title would have been "Here Come the Irish."

Not So Hard

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Having all of these episodes of GG has caused a bit of the problem...if it is between about 10:15 and 10:45, it is really easy to think "Hey, just one more episode tonight." That makes for a sleepy Tom.

I made Kathy agree to play the cop, because, after all, "Once you've been through child birth, turning off the Gilmore Girls isn't that hard." I'll take her word for it.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oh Does She Hate the Glasses

Cool baby
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But that is ok, we like 'em. And when you change enough diapers, you get to occasionallly make the B vogue for you.

Ok, sleepy now.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


This is a picture for picture's sake...perhaps the B was just told that Chris Capuano was named NL player of the week, has had a "qaulity start" in each of his 6 outings, leads the league in strikeouts, or just shut out the Cubs. Or maybe she just ate some apples.


Easter's exhausting
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This picture just came in from my brother. I have no idea who took it. It damn well wasn't him as he was laying on the floor (that is his shadow in the bottom left) sleeping. No idea what the hell happened to us. Kathy was sleeping in the chair (with the B) stage left.

Who knew Easter could be so tiring?

Monday, May 01, 2006

Just Wonderin'

I so want to take the Wonderlic test. I'm just curious about what scale these guys are on.

When I was taking engineering classes at Notre Dame, Tim Ruddy, the center on the football team (and a guy who had a nice NFL career) would sit in front row all studious like, and I think he got out of ND with a 4.0 in Mechanical Engineering (either that or it was an urban legend, but in any case, he was a very good student). I wonder what he got on the Wonderlic...or if they had it back then.

Edit: Ok, I got curious and googled Wonderlic Tim Ruddy. And found this. The internet really is a magic place. Ruddy apparently got either a 48 or 49 out of a possible 50...and then hushed it up as he didn't want a rep as a brainiac...actually kind of an interesting article.