Monday, October 16, 2006


287.5 - 1960 - 573

So I was messing around in the kitchen (making eggrolls, which turned out poorly), and for the first time, I looked down in the breakfast area and saw the B banging her toy on the floor and grinning up at me. She had defeated the containment field in the living room (to be clear, she was 4 feet beyond the living room when I saw her). Her first Houdini...first of many I'm sure.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Just Remember...

289.5 - 2000 - 0

"Nobody wants a chubby cat who weezes after he takes a duke."

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

For CK

Cool Games at Manifesto Games??? - 1353 - 0

I refuse to look until the new diet has had a couple of days to stabalize. Think 289-294. Be optimistic for me.

Because Chuck asked, I have included a link. I've been playing the DROD demo...think dungeon crawling (sort of) crossed with Lemings (which I have missed), but you can stop the clock (turn based, but they don't move until you do, click by click).

And now, I sleep, for tomorrow morning I run.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Diet is Dead, Long Live The Diet!

A little smile on the train
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Ok, so I guess after the weekend binge, and the burrito for lunch followed by a pizza for dinner, it is time to close the book on the diet. HOWEVER, I'm going to roll right into another diet. I know, it makes no sense. But maybe it will work for me!...I just couldn't have this binge on the conscience of the first diet which served me a big 30 pound loss.

By the way, go check out the maniphesto games website. There are actual games with actual game design there. I've been playing some of the demo games. These are not 10-20 million dollar budget games, and no doubt some of them suck eggs. But there are going to be a few which are fun (and affordable). These are games that rely on the fun more than the pixel count.

I'm thinking about dropping $20 on the bridge construction game. Kathy would be completely unsurprised.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

2 Hours of Brutal Crap

I guess I should have known this was coming after the mini-episodes bored me to tears (though admittedly, I stopped watching after the first four because it was so boring).

The problem with the characters is that (with the possible exception of Starbuck) there is no one to cheer for. They have all done something so stupid or evil at this point, that they deserve whatever they have coming to them.

The problem with the writing is that even if there were good bits (and I'd have to have someone point out the good bits from last night), I still have to sit through all of the horrible crap to get to it. Lee went "soft" and became a fat fuck in a year? Adama can no longer get pilots to run drills? in a year? Hey, everybody married everybody! And some had kids!

And I get it. You think we should have sympathy for the Iraqis blowing themselves to shit. I certainly disagree with that sentiment, so all of the "drama" of that is lost on me. It is especially inane because they can't actually hurt the Cylons (they just reboot) and the Cylons acting all concerned because the humans didn't have power for a couple of weeks was more terrible writing. So we should have sympathy for the people who were idiots in the first place and came down to the planet ("der, the Cylons will never find us here, der"), and no are mad about it so they blow each other up out of spite. If Adama really had 2000 people left on those ships, he's got enough DNA that he should have just kept going.

And ug, the Cylons needing whats his name to sign the execution order so that God wouldn't hold them responsible for murder...I should have turned it off then.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


A Boy And His The B

Watching the traffic
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287.5 - 1384 - 1255

Survived the commute to work today. My knee (the "at risk" part of my bike commuting) doesn't seem to be griping too bad yet. I guess we'll see tomorrow morning. I think the weight loss helped, and I just went nice and slow up the hills. Looking forward to a lot more if the knee holds up...and then I have to get the good bike out for some rides (including hooking up the Burley and taking the B for some rides...must buy helmet).

I'm excited about the back to back Logan hours on the new CW! I can see at this point that my Tuesdays are shot. I really need to be able to purchase cliff's notes for V Mars though...I'm just not smart (or attentive?) enough to keep all of the plot lines straight. Who was the mope who shot Keith?

My neph and I had a great time at the ND game this weekend (even though we got totally soaked during the 3rd quarter). I do like when we beat Purdue. Irish really should only have one loss when the play SC at the end of the season. Thank god they figured out that Zibikowski has no business trying to be anybody's deep help. My favorite part of the weekend was the band and the drummer's circle before the game...I'm a sucker for drum cadences.

More Updates To Come

Goofy grin
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290.5 - 1158 - 365

In honor of the car being in the shop, me going more stringent on the diet (20 lbs by Turkey day!!!), and the need to start training for a century next spring, I'm going to see if 30 lbs of weight loss means I can bike commute to work.

In other news, I scored my first organized soccer goal yesterday! I told Justin I was probably a little too happy about it, but he said to enjoy it, as who knows the next time you'll get one. So true...especially as it has taken me 34 years to get my first.