Monday, August 08, 2005

Scoreboard Watchin'

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I spent some time today scoreboard watchin'.

I told Kathy yesterday that I hadn't done any scoreboard watchin' since before we had met. It has been so so long.

My definition of scoreboard watching is, at any time after August 1, following games of teams besides your own and hoping they lose so your team can get into the playoffs. Oh, and your team has to be within 5 games.

1992. That is the last time. I remember the Brewers chasing the Blue Jays until the last weekend of the season. I'd have to go to the basement of our dorm to watch sportcenter looking for highlights.

What made watching the Brewers fun this week was them taking two series in a row on the road from teams that have triple their playroll, and no heart whatsover.

The Crew is still probably a year or two from making a serious run, but I'm going to enjoy them sniffing around, and getting mentioned on Sportscenter in a playoff report tonight for the first time I can remember since those nights in the basement of Grace Hall in '92.


Blogger TheGirard said...

We sweep three from your division rival and yet...we have no heart. :tear:

11:00 AM  
Blogger GiromiDe said...

No kidding. Give the East some respect. Remember that every team in the East is above .500, obviously balancing the horrors of the West.

4:14 PM  

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