Thursday, August 04, 2005

Blame Canada

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Well, someone has to take the blame. My favorite team traded my favorite player, Chris Pronger, to the Edmonton Oilers.

Some quick thoughts on 44.

The Blues traded Brendan Shanahan for Pronger shortly after I first got to St. Louis in one of the least popular trades in STL history. I distictly remember the small asian woman who had the season tickets behind us screaming at the chronically underachieving Pronger, and being absolutely correct to do it. He gave up a lot of goals.

I remember watching Pronger grow from a gangly, tentative youngster into what he became when Kathy and I saw him play against the Caps. The most dominant player in the league. The year he won the MVP, when he was on the ice, nothing was going in the Blues net. And he played more than 1/2 the game.

Kathy surprised me one year with tickets to the NHL All Star game in L.A. Well, we flew through St. Louis, and it turned out we were on the same plane with Pronger. When we were waiting for the luggage in L.A., I got my Pronger jersey out of my bag and had Chris sign it. What a goofy fan boy I was.

I wish the Blues weren't for sale, and the current owners weren't trying to clear salary to make the team more desireable. I'm less inclined to go looking for tickets with Prongs gone.


Blogger Shocho said...

I saw this the day it happened and I couldn't figure out what to say to you. I figured I'd give you a day of mourning. I'm severely bummed myself. It's helpful that you brought up some good memories. They don't get traded.

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