Sunday, August 21, 2005

Do You Care?

Maybe the only thing less interesting than pictures of someone else's children? Pictures of someone else's new house. Sorry bitches, it is pictures you get (and watch out in a few months, as you'll get the other barrel of that gun).

First is the (great room) TV room. Built in bookshelves, big windows that we can leave unshaded as we have no privacy issues with homes behind us, and it is an open floor plan, so that room runs to the breakfast room and into the kitchen.


Kitchen, not huge, but I like the breakfast bar, and again, open floor plan.

The Back

Back of the house. Deck and the big windows in the great room. The deck looks over the common area/sledding hill in back.

The Sledding Hill

And that is the sledding hill.

I like the other spaces in the house too, though the formal dining room is a bit of a waste...oh well.

Ok, and we asked for them to include the playhouse!



Blogger Mkae said...

Looks solid. I like it!

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