Saturday, July 16, 2005

Saturday With Harry

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So K went out and bought Harry last night/this morning at midnight. I was just finishing up Battlestar on the Tivo, and going to sleep.

I got up in the morning at 7 for the freeforallsufferfest at Fat Frogs. On my way out to the bike, I noticed Harry and checked to see how far K had got (which page was folded). I couldn't find a page that was folded. Who knew the carnage that she had wrought?

I got to Fat Frogs and noticed that it looked like a little bit lighter crowd (only 50 or 60 riders, but some of the fast kids weren't there...there was a race somewhere). I've been stacking up the miles, and saturdays are the measuring stick of progress.

I sat behind the ride leader to make sure I didn't get caught by a traffic light or bad cross traffic and have to chase to catch up right off the bat. The downside is having the 2nd pull of the ride (before I'm warmed up) and then still having a lot of people in line to get behind (riding in the wind while dropping back). Also, a lot of those people are going to blow up. And did.

When the gaps started opening, I had to chase across one at 26 mph. Ouch! But I got across it and got back with the lead group. This is a little stunt that would have got me dropped a couple weeks ago.

After a lot of sweating, feeling like I was breathing water (it was humid!), and chasing, I managed to get back to the shop with the first group. I haven't pulled that off in two years on a saturday.

I came home, and shortly thereafter Brad and I were watching the best stage of the Tour de France so far. Constant attacks, only the "Heads of State" riding together for the last 45 minutes. I turned to Brad and asked "How do we watch the Tour next year? Who do we cheer for?" Not sure. Maybe Z takes the next step? Not sure he is a GC guy though.

I found out Kathy had finished Harry, meaning we didn't have to go out and buy another copy! Good when don't have friggen' job. So I set up out on the deck, put my feet up, and dug in. I won't be staying up all night to read it.


Blogger TheGirard said...

A Balk OFF!!!!

it was a freaking Balk Off!!!

how could you not blog about that. It was the bottom of the tenth!!


11:54 PM  
Blogger Kathy said...

I think the proper term is "Walk Off Balk".

Hey, some teams have to take 'em as they get 'em.

And some teams have pitching that is falling apart mid-season.

10:00 AM  

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