Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Carnage Cam

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One of the reasons that I love the mountain stages of the Tour de France is what I like to call the Carnage Cam.

Tour coverage is done using four cameras for most of the stage. One on the helicopter, and three of them on the backs of motercycles. That isn't a large number to cover 160 riders.

The mountains cause huge gaps and the peleton (the typical main group of riders) breaks into five to ten gropus. How do you cover that with three motorcycles?

Well, they typically leave one with the breakaway, and one with the group of contenders for the GC (general classification, or overall leader).

The other is often used for Carnage Cam. They drop the cycle back to the autobus (the group of non-climbers that huddle together to stay inside the timelimit) and ride forward, pausing at each dropped rider to see the look of pain and suffering, before speeding on to the next rider or group.

If they stay with that view for a while, you get a feel for the gaps that form, and as it moves to the head of the race, there is always anticipation to see who (Lance has) dropped.

I love the mountains.


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