Sunday, July 10, 2005

Farewell to Dave

Dave Zabriskie dropped out of the Tour de France today. He had a few crashes, including one in the yellow jersery, and one while crossing wet rail tracks at about a 30 degree angle (bad idea).

Interestingly, he said he couldn't even really pinpoint what hurt. Bob Roll theorized it was straight loss of moral after his team abandoned him bleeding on the road in the team time trial. Hard call to say they should have sent someone back for him, as they almost won the stage, and Ivan Basso is really the team leader. But maybe they should have sent someone back out of respect for the jersey.

So here is to Dave. Follow this link and scroll down a little bit to see some of Dave's one question "on the bike" interviews. If you scan, you'll see them. Funny. After reading those, I think I am a Z fan for life.


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