Saturday, July 09, 2005

Ugly Jersey, Strong Ride

Prowler at the Door
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Do you think Alexandre Vinokourov could have declined to wear the jersey of the champion of Kazakhstan? That light blue and yellow is unsightly.

However, the Tour de France really started today. Great stage, unless you were wearing Discovery kit.

Looks likes a healthy Vino is just what T-Mobile needs to agitate. With Vino, Ullrich, and the unexpected resurgence of Andreas Kloden, Lance had his hands more than full. Add to that the inexplicable disappearance of Discovery on the fairly gentle cat. 2 climb, and things may get really interesting.

T-Mobile aside, the mellow johnny was attacked by contenders from CSC (who had 3 or 4 riders in the final group), Landis of Phonac, and maybe even Heras and our old friend Beloki of Liberty.

Said Bobby Julich of CSC, "I've never seen a team (Discovery) just implode like that. I don't even think Lance understood what was going on there. T-Mobile are either over their limit or they're much stronger than I thought they were. We got a race on our hands."

This week should be very interesting with the mountains tomorrow, and then some nasty Alps on Tuesday-Thursday. Unless Discovery gets themselves straightened out, there is no way Lance can continue to repel attacks from five or six contenders. Someone is going to get up the road and ding him hard.


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