Saturday, July 02, 2005

Time For Change?

Time For Change?
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Interesting results from the promotion at the Brewers game last night. Given a choice, about 60% of the people at the game chose the old "ball and glove" logo.

Not unexpected, as it is the one tied to the one era of sucesss in the team's history, the Paul Molitor/Robin Yount/'Stormin' Gorman Thomas time. Darron Sutton, the TV play by play guy had an interesting suggestion, combining the team's present colors with the old logo.

Not an option is the old Barrelman logo. I have a tee-shirt with that logo, and I'm kinda partial to it. And, I have some additional justification.


If only Prince Fielder (who had another RBI last night pinch hitting) was right-handed, he'd be a dead ringer.


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