Thursday, June 30, 2005


Threw another 30 miles on tonight in addition to the 21 from this morning. Legs very tired, and the ride went until sundown. I was escorted home by the first fireflys I've seen this year. That was pretty cool.

Had some neat changes this week to my cycling. For one thing, I've been riding enough that the wind doesn't hurt anymore, which is very very good. It still slows me when I'm going into it and all, but it doesn't break my moral.

Endurance sports are all about getting used to the pain (well, if you aren't just out to see the countryside, which is fine too, but not really sport at that point, just a leisure activity). Getting stronger makes you faster, but I think it is surprising how much of a factor getting your mind used to adversity is. You start to do the things you used to shy away from because you knew they'd hurt. Like sprinting out of every turn or maintaining effort into the wind. String enough consecutive days of riding together, and you see gains that far outstripe the improvements in your physical capabilities. I'm sure there is a life lesson there somewhere.

I also had some nice recovery cycles forced my cardio system by being thrashed by the top riders at Fat Frogs. I'm back to a place where 30 mph for short periods isn't instant death. With good tactics, I can hang on for some of the more serious rides. Well, longer anyway. I'm still going to get my teeth kicked in on the Saturday morning free for all, but maybe I'll be able to hang on to the turnaround. With the knee problems that knocked out my spring riding, it is tough to hang with good riders on midseason form. But trying is still rewarding.


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