Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Updated Plan

Updated Plan
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A couple of notes about the plan.

First, as the Brewers appear completely unable to score some friggin' runs at Wrigley (0-2 the last two days), I've changed my mind. Wrigley goes.

Now, a point was raised about the plan that deserves some consideration.

"Get the people out of Illinois so the work can begin.

OK, that would seem to be a major hole in your plan. After all, it is not the actual land IL sits on that sucks, but rather it is the people who live there that suck.

Maybe if we could get them to go somewhere else where everyone suck, like France or something, then that would be cool, but if we doze their land while they are up here in Milwaukee, then they are likely to stay, and Milwaukee will suck..."

I think we have to trust that something really screwed up is going on in that state that makes the people act like that. I don't know what! It has obviously baffled science for years. We would have fixed if we could!

So maybe they can be rehabilitated if we doze their lands and get rid of the source. Don't we have to believe in the basic decency of human beings (even FIBs)?

But if that don't work, we can always round them up again and set up some sort of Escape from New York like setup in White Sox park. We mine the Dan Ryan expressway and post guards on the Skyway bridge and at the Mars Cheese Castle.


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