Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Did my first 60 miles since the century (100 miles) last year. The short version is that it hurt and I screwed up, but I'll live.

Went 21 miles with the group from Fat Frogs. Shop door to shop door in 58 minutes. Under an hour is the mark for movin. Still felt reasonably fresh and I had my MP3 player in my jersey pocket, so I filled my bottles and went back out thinking to head down to Munden Point (40 miles out and back).

Headwind out, so I slowed up pretty good, down to about 17 mph, but I was still working. About the time I got to Munden Point park, I realized the flaw in my plan. I hadn't eaten anything before the ride, and had no sources of calories with me. When I'm riding, I burn about 1400 calories per hour (an average adult is supposed to eat between 2000 and 2500 a day). So I was 2800 calories in the hole, with another 1400 of looming debt.

Of course, on one hand, great! I'm riding a bunch to burn some flab. But even when the body starts primarily burning fat, it still likes to have a little carb fuel around to kind of light the fires. When you don't have that, you can either ride hard and get loopy or ride really slowly. I had done the former.

I ended up spending my tire dollar from my tire pack (that reminds me, need to replace it!) in the soda machine at the park. Tire dollar - If you get a tear in your tire from glass or somefin and the tire can't hold 100 lbs per inch of pressure anymore, sometimes you can put a dollar bill between the tube and the tire and it will hold the pressure. I think it is because of cloth content in the dollar. No coke, sold out. No sprite, sold out. Lemon ice tea. As the meatloaf crew can attest, I don't do tea. And of course, the damn machine wasn't actually cooling the drinks. Just the opposite. So it was, uh, hot lemon ice tea (good for 200 total cals). It was amazing how much good that 200 calories did though. I flew back, with the tailwind, at about 21 mph.

So, my legs hurt, I was way dehydrated when I got home, but I'm up to 60 in a shot, and they were fairly quick.


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