Sunday, May 22, 2005


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God I love this show. Easily my favorite on TV right now.

I haven't heard better dialog in a long time (maybe since Sportsnite?). If I had the time, I'd watch each episode two or three times to try to track all the nuances of the conversations. They are just sitting back and having fun with the language. My favorite, and the character I think the show revolves around, is Al Swearengen played by Ian McShane.

Al Swearengen: My oath on this; everyday that the widow sits on her ass in New York City, looks west at sunset, and thinks to herself "God bless you ignorant cocksuckers in Deadwood who strive mightily and have little money, to add to my ever increasing fortune," she'll be safe from the whiles of Al Swearengen.

I caught McShane on whatever Bill Maher's current talkshow is on HBO. Maher demanded that McShane say "cocksucker." That was good use of talk show moderator power.

Shame the season finale was tonight, but it was more good TV, and with my new found free time, I'll probably squeeze in a replay sometime this week.


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